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Not really.

I’m keeping my domain,, but I have transferred from my free blog here on to a self-hosted one. I have been wanting to take total control over the site, hence the move.

Here’s a peek of my new and improved (hope you think so too) site. Please visit me, I’m still reachable via took everything with me there (past posts, comments, images) except for my subscribers. To those who have followed me, please please subscribe to my blog again. I would greatly appreciate if you do so! See you guys again. 🙂


PMS: Passion Meets Style

Weeks ago, I received the most awesome e-mail I can receive from a reader. It was from Jen Semira and she has the sweetest words for me and my blog. Her message made me appreciate my blogging even more ( ’cause most of the time I just get frustrated with what I write.. and can’t write, or buy or wear or do).

She recognizes my passion to succeed and achieve.

I never knew I was able to come across such a message about myself to some readers. I admit I can be a delusional dreamer – I have some really high goals for myself and I see that as a good thing. However, there are times when I can also be my very own downer so hearing encouraging words from people I don’t personally know yet know me somehow makes me so grateful and inspired.

I was surprised Jen knows about my old blog, Silly Inspirations, too. Hmm, so she was one of the few who witnessed my stressed-out-college-senior self, HAHA. Despite that, or maybe because of that, she thought I can be one of the bloggers who can embody the brand of accessories she just launched – P.M.S. Passion Meets Style. Belt Ceramic BanglesMatte Gold Leaf BangleVintage Key Connector RingGold and Purple Enamel Choker

Thank you, Jen. 

Not solely because of the offer for blog collaboration (although I was sooo thrilled about that, too), it was more about knowing that somewhere in the world wide web someone reads.


Like and follow P.M.S. on Facebook and Twitter to know more about this amazing and affordable online accessories shop. I can’t wait to wear these and show them to you in my future outfit posts!

The Wallflower

Hello, October!

Dang, didn’t even say goodbye to September. Sorry for my two week blogging hiatus. When time speeds away from you, you’ll find it hard to keep up. I just want to maximize everything I’ve got, you know. Oh now I sound like a dying woman. *knocks on wood*.

Anyhoo, I missed shooting and editing outfit photos so here’s what I’ve got for you. Hi readers! You there? I hope so.

This is inspired by The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Okay, not really. Not because of the story (read the book, haven’t watched the movie)… but because of word “wallflower”. Pffft. Too shallow, never mind I mentioned. Haha.To those who are curious as to how I take my outfit photos, I use a tripod and a camera on self- timer mode (I don’t even have a remote yet) so basically it’s a one-woman team. But I find it fun that way. I have a white wall in my room which becomes my empty canvas in pictures where I can edit in whatever I want to make the photo interesting – for instance, my floral wallpaper.


VRAY for SKETCHUP: Before. In-between. After.

Show of hands, are Architecture students reading me today? Hmmmm, I can sense some. Okay then, let’s proceed!

I’m sure most of you know Google SketchUp, unless you use more sophisticated software such as Revit or 3ds Max. I personally don’t know how to use Revit and my 3ds Max skills are getting rusty (although I am planning to rekindle soon!) so right now, SketchUp is my way to go. It’s just simpler and easier although a bit limiting for me.

When it comes to rendering, I know a few – Twilight – installed but I never really used, Kerkythea – my thesis savior partnered with Photoshop (I have a tutorial here) and Vray – what I am currently loving. I have blogged about it before and a previous rendering can be seen here.

I still think I am a Vray newbie, but thanks to our Vray office tutor, RJ Madrid (Ayun oh, special mention!), I was able to create already acceptable renderings. Maybe next time I will be able to do my own step-by-step tutorial (when I am already good enough). Right now, let me show the before, in- between and after of an interior I did.

BEFORE: SketchUp Model

Sketchup Jpeg exports look sooo flat. Definitely not something you would show to clients/professors to make an impression. Just to practice my Vray, I created this scene and mixed up furniture and decors in a way I would like to have my own space designed. I modeled the wood planks per piece (it was not as tedious as you think, it’s easy to copy and paste!) and got most of my furniture from Vitra. Other models were downloaded from 3d Warehouse. The cones in the scene actually represent IES lights. IES files can be downloaded from the net, too.

IN- BETWEEN: Vray SettingsPhoto above shows the compilation of the major materials I used. Notice that almost everything has reflection on it. Reflection Layer helps A LOT – but the question lies on how reflective and glossy the material would be. It’s best to observe how these materials look like in real life.

The topmost left material was used as glass and was created with a Refraction Layer. The bottom most right material has an Emissive Layer hence the glow. It was used in my lights partnered with IES files.The smaller window shows how Vray renders the scene. This is the longest part of the process. An i5 computer rendered my 2048 x 1536  scene for about half a day. 😦 Reflections take long to render, as well as lights. Also, the more detailed the model, the longer. That’s probably one of the downsides of Vray – and I can only imagine Vray for 3ds Max!

AFTER: Final RenderWas half a day all worth it? Sure. 🙂 I did very minimal post processing here. I adjusted the brightness a bit and added the background outside the window. Almost redundant scene, but I just love shelves like these. Add books and other random things and it can already make the space interesting, or that’s just me. 😛I can only imagine myself sitting on one of these glass chairs by a corner window with a good nature view outside while reading a book or using my laptop. Aaaaaaahhhh, that’s life. 🙂 

I was going for sheer curtains in here, forgive me if they did not turn out so nice and realistic. I am also always a fail in carpets, too. Areas for improvement, noted!

So that’s it. See you guys next render next post, whatever my topic would be. Haha! 🙂

Lights Out

Are you not tired of my face yet? Yes? Good! I have a couple more vain pictures that I hope you still have the patience to look at. I know, I know, you guys can only take in so much. I’m cooking up new interiors so I think we can already turn the tables around next time. Time for more Architecture!These photos are from Pao, on his take on low- key photography. The high key version of these can be found here. Which is hotter? Haha.

Brave Soul

I haven’t been everywhere. In fact, I haven’t been anywhere. I flew out of the country once, just a few months ago, and it was one of the best experiences I had. The trip made me realize how little I have experienced life and how much I am suffocating myself inside my own tiny bubble. Sigh. Traveling is one of the luxuries I wish I can afford more in the future – one that I will certainly work hard for.

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”

My insights about traveling (or my lack thereof) were brought about by the self- portraits I recently took. My overly-eager-in-post-processing self even took the extra mile to make the photos in line with this post’s themeThe outfit reminds me of a gypsy, a lost wanderer, a brave soul – someone who would not think twice of going to new places, someone with a desire to explore the world, someone I would want to be like, in some extent.

The top is the exact same one I wore previously. This is an attempt to show you how mixing and matching can create two different looks with the exact opposite vibe. In fact, everything I have here has already appeared in past posts. Can you pinpoint which ones? 🙂

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”


Floral headwrap? Floral necklace? Floral skirt? Floral ring? Am I puking rainbows or what? Haha. 

This too floral of an outfit? Yeah, I can wear this. Heck, I can pull this off. But then I have to prepare myself for comments and teases from friends. Someone put this girl in a vase. No, I’m kidding. I think people are used to me and I am used to people. And I’m not even the kind who wears really attention- grabbing clothes. I am just a girl who is being… too girly.

With my already too-cute-for-words outfit, how do I go around wearing this? Tip #1: NEVER SMILE – at least for pictures. Haha. As everything else, attitude must be balanced. Say hello to the fifth member of the mean girls!

Remember what I told you about my interest in button- downs with shoulder cut-outs? This is my other one in super light pink from Jelly Bean. I love it to bits!I bought this envelope clutch in a night market in Hong Kong. The skirt? Pffft, cheap buy from atiangge. The necklace was a bargain from SuperSale Bazaar (I bought it from Camille Co. HIHI). The thing about me is that, I’m a certified cheapskate.How else can I better emphasize my floral theme than by adding doilies clipart, free for download from! Aside from my love for dressing up and posing for pictures, I equally enjoy editing photos. I overdid it this time, didn’t I? I don’t know, I just got sooo inspired by cool graphics and design blogs lately. Since unlike other fashion bloggers I only have my white wall, I think it’s up to me to make things interesting. So yeah, I’ve decided to make this blog my online scrapbook. And I hope I’ll get to improve my photos too as I go on – ’cause most of the times old photos just make me cringe. Taste level improves, I think. As of the moment, this set is my favorite of the bunch. Hope I won’t cringe at the sight of this next week! Haha.


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