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In Architecture, horizontal and vertical elements are oftentimes combined to make the over-all aesthetic balanced. Well, do you know how many times parallelism between Architecture and Fashion has been explored? Innumerable.The architect fashion enthusiast in me says I need to play around with patterns since I am clearly lacking prints. Hmm let’s see, I’ve got a top with horizontal ruffles and a skirt with vertical pleats – perfectI wore simple gold earrings and a necklace with playful colors and prints to add interest. However, more than anything, I think the beach waves helped put together this look (especially the wind effect, hahaha). So guys I think that’s about it. Now pop quiz.

(1) Do you find the mix of horizontal and vertical details in clothes pleasing? (2) In fashion, do you believe in less is more(3) And more importantly, what do you think about this look? Teehee.

Kidding aside, if you liked my top and necklace, you can get the said items online. Where? Visit Fashion Infinity on Facebook!

I’ve got plenty of new stuff from Fashion Infinity and you may just catch them making an appearance in future outfit posts.To Rhona Dia, thank you so much. I can’t stress enough how flattered I get when I receive gifts like these. THANK YOU! 🙂


Design- Inspired

Do you remember the vintage-y interior I did a month back? No? You know, this one:Sadly, I have not done something new since then. I would love to design more and practice on my Vray while I’m on it but.. well, no excuses, I will just do it  – SOON! 🙂

So the reason why I’m writing about it again is this:If I were to wear something (of course, I should wear something) while I’m lounging on that couch, this would be it. I think a laid back outfit in neutral colors will go well with it. If you know me, I am crazy over everything matchy- matchy BUT I would not want to totally camouflage by wearing something with almost the same print as the couch, and whatnot. I got inspiration from the colors and textures instead and I worked my way around those.I love the romantic feel brought by the laces on my shorts and scarf too, do you?Finally, even though I overdid the messiness of the bun, I think such a hairdo is the most appropriate.

My face in here says, “Soo, what do you think?” 🙂

P.S. Do you like this Architecture meets Fashion kind of post? Well I do! I hope to do this regularly. 🙂


Izzo Shop

I must work on my blogging schedule, I really do. It sucks to fall on a wake up – go to work – go home – sleep routine that days are becoming a blur. Oh my, four more months left for 2012! Happy September, everyone! I hope it will be a good month. 🙂 Maybe the start of a difference for me? Must think positive.

I have a long line of blog entries to produce – in a regular interval, I hope! Let’s start with this. How about an outfit.. and then some?

Outfit of the day is a typical combination of a red top and a black skirt. You may have seen it countless of times already, on somebody else.

To give a (little bit of a) fresh take on it, my top is in polka dots, my skirt has asymmetrical details, I have a red bow on my head.. and a moustache! Haha. I will go cutie patootie on you in this set of pictures, please don’t puke!Doesn’t look so much of a camera bag, does it? Exactly what I want! It is a simple, scarlet bag with a padded inside and adjustable dividers perfect to keep my baby safe without screaming, “Hey, I have a camera inside!” too much. The best thing about it? I got it for almost free!! How?Izzo Shop, the best camera bags and accessories shop online, had a promo last August. I bought two bags for less than a thousand bucks! Don’t fret, they still have a promo this start of September, check their facebook site for details!

There is more. The reason why I learned about Izzoshop was through the blog of my friend, Carla. She was holding a giveaway then, and even though I wasn’t so lucky with the whole lottery-ish kind of thing, I joined. Nothing to lose and so much to gain if luckily chosen, right? Reason why I patiently join giveaways even if I never win – UNTIL NOW. Yes, this lovely Anne Work Tote landed in my hands. Thank you so much Carla! Keep blogging and keep holding amazing giveaways!

And guys with cameras and laptops to keep and carry, be sure to check out Izzo Shop. They have new items I have been lusting over for weeks now. You may like them too. 🙂


Stilletos are Forever

More photos from Daryl. The last one is definitely one of my favorites photos to date. 🙂



I love outdoor photos!

How can I not? I can sit on the grass and look anywhere but the camera and boom, great picture. Not because of my prowess in modeling, if I possess such a thing, but the credit mainly goes to the sun for illuminating my skin in all the right places and to the trees for swaying in the background with a grace that beats mine. Of course, the skills of the photographer is a given, also the amount of difference post processing can give. But you get me, don’t you?

Removing my precious sun and nature backdrop, how can I survive? Haha. I have always been intimidated with studio photo shoots. No yellows, greens and blues for distraction, I am on my own. But, I am always up for the challenge and the challenge includes dressing up in simple pants and white shirt. Nothing fancy, as photographer Paolo Tulalian requested.

I had a fun shoot with friends Pao and Daryl at Camera Cart, Maginhawa last August 25. Behind the scene photos are already up, you can read more about our first studio shoot here.

Final photos, you say? The first few ones below are from Daryl, on my take of the basic jeans and top combo. I opted for a button- down with cut- out details on the shoulders. I have been seeing such a style for a long time now, finally I got my hands on my own. And because I like it so much, I instantly got it in two different colors. I can’t wait to show you how else I am planning to style it, there are countless of ways!

Again, photography by Daryl Refuerzo. More photos NEXT! 🙂

BTS: First Studio Shoot

One model, two photographers, all first- timers in a studio shoot!

It was fun learning, I never thought lighting can be so complicated! I thought when you have a backdrop and different lights on stand, beautiful professional photos can magically appear in the cameras, but it was really more than that.

I kept my outfits simple and accessories minimal. I even wore jeans for the first time in a shoot. Not that I don’t like wearing pants, I just don’t think they are flattering to me. But let’s see when final photos are out, shall we? For now, here are behind the scene shots. 🙂Thank you Pao Tulalian and girlfriend Ann Sayson. Also thanks for coming along, Daryl! 🙂

Silly Inspirations

Did you know my old blog was named Silly Inspirations?

I now have a self- titled blog but who am I kidding? I am still silly, and I still get silly with my inspirations. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a design, graphic and DIY blog while looking through photography articles on the net. Few days after I started added graphics, texts and clip arts to my blog pictures (like in my posts here and here). I also almost bought a web host so I can customize my blog even more (I hate being so limited so I might still do that). I love the design and contents of Shrimp Salad Circus, Her New Leaf and Pugly Pixel. After being so pumped up with my new blog interests, I was updated with new outfits by Camille Co, Kryz Uy and Tricia Gosingtian (to name a few), and, for the nth time, I wallowed in my desire to do serious fashion blogging. Then I saw new rendering techniques from Alex Hogrefe and Nomeradona and  I wished I have more time to do Architecture outside of my own regular job. I want to produce new designs and renderings that I can call my own!

So being inspired is a good thing. The bad thing? I did not know which to do first or which to concentrate on I ended up doing nothing for almost two weeks.

I guess I am trying too hard to make everything right that I never got around to accomplishing something. I left my old blog because I want to leave behind traces of myself with bad taste for photography and photo editing (which is also the reason why I MOVED TO A NEW LOOKBOOK ACCOUNT). I also want to dissociate myself from the girl who kept on ranting about thesis 90% of the time. Well, that and I just want to start anew. I already have a new camera but I am still not satisfied with the outfit photos I am producing. I have my own domain but I am not satisfied with this blog – contents and design. Being a perfectionist sucks.

Then I saw an article from one of my favorite blogs to date, Shrimp Salad Circus. It gives tips on how to live a good life.

The  message I would like to share, because it stuck to me more than anything else, is simple:

Remember that beauty isn’t the same thing as perfection.

It makes a lot of sense.

**Click on picture for the source website


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