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The Wallflower

Hello, October!

Dang, didn’t even say goodbye to September. Sorry for my two week blogging hiatus. When time speeds away from you, you’ll find it hard to keep up. I just want to maximize everything I’ve got, you know. Oh now I sound like a dying woman. *knocks on wood*.

Anyhoo, I missed shooting and editing outfit photos so here’s what I’ve got for you. Hi readers! You there? I hope so.

This is inspired by The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Okay, not really. Not because of the story (read the book, haven’t watched the movie)… but because of word “wallflower”. Pffft. Too shallow, never mind I mentioned. Haha.To those who are curious as to how I take my outfit photos, I use a tripod and a camera on self- timer mode (I don’t even have a remote yet) so basically it’s a one-woman team. But I find it fun that way. I have a white wall in my room which becomes my empty canvas in pictures where I can edit in whatever I want to make the photo interesting – for instance, my floral wallpaper.


Brave Soul

I haven’t been everywhere. In fact, I haven’t been anywhere. I flew out of the country once, just a few months ago, and it was one of the best experiences I had. The trip made me realize how little I have experienced life and how much I am suffocating myself inside my own tiny bubble. Sigh. Traveling is one of the luxuries I wish I can afford more in the future – one that I will certainly work hard for.

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”

My insights about traveling (or my lack thereof) were brought about by the self- portraits I recently took. My overly-eager-in-post-processing self even took the extra mile to make the photos in line with this post’s themeThe outfit reminds me of a gypsy, a lost wanderer, a brave soul – someone who would not think twice of going to new places, someone with a desire to explore the world, someone I would want to be like, in some extent.

The top is the exact same one I wore previously. This is an attempt to show you how mixing and matching can create two different looks with the exact opposite vibe. In fact, everything I have here has already appeared in past posts. Can you pinpoint which ones? 🙂

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”


In Architecture, horizontal and vertical elements are oftentimes combined to make the over-all aesthetic balanced. Well, do you know how many times parallelism between Architecture and Fashion has been explored? Innumerable.The architect fashion enthusiast in me says I need to play around with patterns since I am clearly lacking prints. Hmm let’s see, I’ve got a top with horizontal ruffles and a skirt with vertical pleats – perfectI wore simple gold earrings and a necklace with playful colors and prints to add interest. However, more than anything, I think the beach waves helped put together this look (especially the wind effect, hahaha). So guys I think that’s about it. Now pop quiz.

(1) Do you find the mix of horizontal and vertical details in clothes pleasing? (2) In fashion, do you believe in less is more(3) And more importantly, what do you think about this look? Teehee.

Kidding aside, if you liked my top and necklace, you can get the said items online. Where? Visit Fashion Infinity on Facebook!

I’ve got plenty of new stuff from Fashion Infinity and you may just catch them making an appearance in future outfit posts.To Rhona Dia, thank you so much. I can’t stress enough how flattered I get when I receive gifts like these. THANK YOU! 🙂

Knitted + Printed

I’ve been mentioning repeatedly how crazy the weather here in the city is. It has been raining all day and signs of stopping are nonexistent. It will continue for days, according to the news. Oh please, don’t let this be an Ondoy Repeat.

I don’t know if this is the right time to post these pictures but since work was officially called off for today (yeah, the condition is that bad), I’m taking this time to work on the blog and publish posts I never got around to publishing.


I have been craving for coziness ever since the rainy season has begun. I don’t know why but I seem to get comfort from anything knitted. To make things interesting, I paired knits with prints.

Forever 21 Cardigan | Forever 21 Dress | SM Accessories Bracelets 

You can find this on Lookbook here.

I have a favor to ask, PLEASE PRAY FOR THE PHILIPPINES and send help while you are at it. (Sagip Kapamilya Hotline 4114995)

Be safe, everyone. 😦

Maximum Comfort

July gave Manila a month-long cuddle weather and with that, I’ve been layering my outfits with cardigans and blazers. I also couldn’t resist pullovers – they are just so comfy and easy to wear.

But how can I glam up a simple sweater? Last thing I would want to do is to show up looking like I came straight from bed.How about adding these to the equation? Accessories are such handy tools and an interesting bottom wouldn’t hurt too. Forever 21 Sweater | Mullet Skirt from Bazaar | Wedges from Bazaar | Forever 21 Earrings | Forever 21 Necklace | Ring from Sister

I think the most expensive item in this look is the necklace which I purchased way back 2011. The earrings that match were given to me as a gift. I got the sweater at a discounted price (70%, I think) during the Big Sale this July and the shoes and skirt are just cheap buys. Tip for girls on a budget, try bazaars/tiangges. You can find items there that are almost the same ones you can see in malls. I already saw different mall stores carrying the exact same skirt with twice the price just because it has been branded already. Practical times call for such thrifting you know! 🙂


P.S. I’m still trying to experiment with my camera settings and post processing to get the best out of my gadget. What do you think of the photos so far?

Lookbook Peg

I’m very erratic when it comes to my self-portrait lookbook/outfit shots. I’ve been standing in front of my white wall since forever, one time I started putting wallpapers on the wall via photoshop, I’ve been montaging myself in rendered interiors even. Now I don’t know what to do. One thing for sure, I will still be standing in front of the wall – thinking of repainting but that would be a hassle right now.

Then I came across these pretty pictures of Rosie Tupper on Jamie Beck’s photography blog, From Me To You (she’s also one of the creators of the Cinemagraphs). I might do mine this way, although the photography and editing may vary. Let’s see. 🙂