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Silly Inspirations

Did you know my old blog was named Silly Inspirations?

I now have a self- titled blog but who am I kidding? I am still silly, and I still get silly with my inspirations. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a design, graphic and DIY blog while looking through photography articles on the net. Few days after I started added graphics, texts and clip arts to my blog pictures (like in my posts here and here). I also almost bought a web host so I can customize my blog even more (I hate being so limited so I might still do that). I love the design and contents of Shrimp Salad Circus, Her New Leaf and Pugly Pixel. After being so pumped up with my new blog interests, I was updated with new outfits by Camille Co, Kryz Uy and Tricia Gosingtian (to name a few), and, for the nth time, I wallowed in my desire to do serious fashion blogging. Then I saw new rendering techniques from Alex Hogrefe and Nomeradona and  I wished I have more time to do Architecture outside of my own regular job. I want to produce new designs and renderings that I can call my own!

So being inspired is a good thing. The bad thing? I did not know which to do first or which to concentrate on I ended up doing nothing for almost two weeks.

I guess I am trying too hard to make everything right that I never got around to accomplishing something. I left my old blog because I want to leave behind traces of myself with bad taste for photography and photo editing (which is also the reason why I MOVED TO A NEW LOOKBOOK ACCOUNT). I also want to dissociate myself from the girl who kept on ranting about thesis 90% of the time. Well, that and I just want to start anew. I already have a new camera but I am still not satisfied with the outfit photos I am producing. I have my own domain but I am not satisfied with this blog – contents and design. Being a perfectionist sucks.

Then I saw an article from one of my favorite blogs to date, Shrimp Salad Circus. It gives tips on how to live a good life.

The  message I would like to share, because it stuck to me more than anything else, is simple:

Remember that beauty isn’t the same thing as perfection.

It makes a lot of sense.

**Click on picture for the source website



Do you know Popoy and Basha? Then you must know the restaurant! You know, the restaurant where some of the best scenes in the movie happened. Haha. One More Chance fan much? Well, I must admit, I liked the movie. 🙂

Forgive me food enthusiasts out there, I know the restaurant can stand on its own without any reference to a local movie. It has been around since 1999 and it serves the best Italian food in the Metro, or at least one of the few restaurants which does. Coupled with great ambiance, it is a definite must-try! I’m happy we chose Bellini’s for our monthly dinner, which happened August 3, which is a bit too late for July, but whatever. 🙂Roberto Bellini, the restaurant owner.Surprisingly sweet wine, on the house 🙂The exact table from the movie! Lucky the place was almost empty when we arrived. Then it got packed afterwards, but we were still the last group to leave. 

INSIDE INFO: The exact night and time we were there, Basha herself was in the restaurant as well! She was in one of the private rooms with her real-life boyfriend. Well, that adds to the experience. Haha!

Visit Bellini’s Italian Restaurant at Cubao Expo, Cubao, Quezon City.

P.S. I am excited for our August dinner. We have set the date and Jill, all the way from Taiwan, will be joining us this time! (And Kim must, too) Also, Hiyas ng Arki, I am so looking forward to you! 🙂


Filipinos have been broken yet again – this time not by a typhoon but by a southwest monsoon.  I remember the sentiment of a friend from Twitter yesterday, “(Philippines:) Late in tech development, first in the effects of global warming”. I still have high hopes for the Philippines though, this is just a test to the undivided Filipino.

In such a short time, relief operations were assembled. Help came, and is still coming, abundantly from people who care – and believe me when I say there are a lot. I am so proud.

To those who still want to reach out, please, please do so.

Places You Can Volunteer and Donate

Donate to Red Cross


Our neighborhood is flooded. Work actually has been resumed today but I can’t go given my situation. However, I still feel so lucky my family is unharmed. God bless the Philippines.


Nothing beats dinner out with friends after a long day at work. What made things better? FREE FOOOOOD  – c/o my friend Ian’s one year supply of pizza from Torch!Dinner Buddies: Ian, Daryl, Lloyd July freebie: PHILLY CHEESE STEAK PIZZAGAMBAS PIZZAIt wasn’t just the food. I missed talking with these people, I missed our long, senseful conversations – from love, life and moving on to P-Noy’s SONA and our hope for the Philippines and Philippine Architecture to our Alma Mater, beloved UPCA and cherished organization. *happy sigh*

If you liked what you saw, you can visit Torch Restaurant at 63 Connecticut St. Greenhills, San Juan, 1208. Great Food + Great Place 🙂


It was a gloomy week. The weather was really bad and I pray every family affected by Typhoon Gener will recover pretty fast. Please be safe, everyone. I heard new typhoons are coming and I hope we are more prepared this time.

Despite this environmental condition, it wasn’t a really bad week for me. Yes, it was a hassle to commute to work with strong rains and winds every time and my shoes were always soaked and now dying but there are bright side to things. This was taken by Daryl. I asked him to teach me about HDR’s (still on photography tutorial high) and this was the overexposed one among the trio. I decided it’s pretty enough to stand on its own, even without editing. Agree? With that, I added two more random photos to complete the set.Have a nice weekend!

Red Velvet

Say hello to my girls again. (Jill, Me, Kim, Aivi)

This was way back June 2011 – the start of our fifth year, the start of thesis.  (Even after more than a year, I still remember vividly my horror when the salon stylist cut my bangs too short.)

Today, we are now living our lives as architecture graduates working as apprentice architects (Aivi’s researched term). I decided to work in Ortigas, Aivi found a job in Makati – after much scrutiny, Jill is now in Taiwan for work and her masteral in Urban Planning, Kim is just starting to apply… and who wouldn’t hire UP Architecture’s 2012 Summa Cum Laude?

Sigh, two months out of college and I’m missing a lot of things already. Slumber party, anyone? 🙂

We picked the ultimate chick flick, Clueless, for our movie night.Pancakes for Breakfast!Nobody bakes… but we gave it a try. Who’s up for Red Velvet Cupcakes? 🙂Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and Chocolate Truffles Shavings! NOMNOMNOM.

Meet Chuck

I have been practicing with my new camera and I have been taking shots of the most random things. I hope I already have pictures worth sharing but I don’t, yet — until I took this photo this morning and it made me think about some things.He’s Chuck, the Chihuahua in the family.

He’s medium sized and a bit chubby, unlike the sometimes-scary-looking dogs of the the same breed. He’s hairy too, real cute. With bias, Chuck may be one of the best-looking dogs I have seen… or at least he used to be.

Not until I took this photo did I realize he has aged. It hit me, the four month old puppy we got for my younger brother’s birthday is now four years old. I don’t know the equivalent of those years in human years and I am no expert when it comes to dogs (in fact I am not very much a pet lover, don’t stone me) but I saw it in his eyes. Can you see the difference too? He may not be very well pampered and spoiled, because my dad likes his dogs tough like that, so there may be lack of expensive grooming here and there but his aging is undeniable to me.


I am not afraid of aging. It may feel weird to be actually older than a lot of people now (’cause I have always been one of the youngest in the bunch, in my school batch for example) but it hasn’t bothered me much. We already know that time is very fast these days, one day you are 17 the next day you are 21. That scares me – the speed of things. I can wrinkle, I can physically weaken. But I can’t be nowhere. I don’t want to get old without achieving anything. I know a lot of people who get things done at a very young age. I am 21… but where am I?