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Brave Soul

I haven’t been everywhere. In fact, I haven’t been anywhere. I flew out of the country once, just a few months ago, and it was one of the best experiences I had. The trip made me realize how little I have experienced life and how much I am suffocating myself inside my own tiny bubble. Sigh. Traveling is one of the luxuries I wish I can afford more in the future – one that I will certainly work hard for.

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”

My insights about traveling (or my lack thereof) were brought about by the self- portraits I recently took. My overly-eager-in-post-processing self even took the extra mile to make the photos in line with this post’s themeThe outfit reminds me of a gypsy, a lost wanderer, a brave soul – someone who would not think twice of going to new places, someone with a desire to explore the world, someone I would want to be like, in some extent.

The top is the exact same one I wore previously. This is an attempt to show you how mixing and matching can create two different looks with the exact opposite vibe. In fact, everything I have here has already appeared in past posts. Can you pinpoint which ones? 🙂

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”


Last Hurrah

It has been raining quite a lot these days. The wet season has made its way and as much as I would like to feel sad for summer’s end, I don’t. The intense heat was unbearable so I’m welcoming cooler days with open arms. I just pray to God typhoons, those that hit the country each year, won’t cause too much trouble to Filipinos. Ahhh, floods. I hope they miraculously disappear. On a somehow related note, I’m sure some students are looking forward to this class suspension season. Which reminds me, the working girl that I am now is not entitled to those anymore. Message to self: Welcome to the Real World.

But being a working girl isn’t so bad. Ironically, I was able to get a taste of summer because of work. No beach trip for me this whole summer except for the one organized by the company I work for. It happened June 23-24 at the White Beach, Puerto Galera, a little bit out of the hot season but enjoyable still.

As you can see, the company, or at least our division, is mostly composed of young adults like me. Almost everyone is within my age bracket, except for the senior architects and staff, so adjusting and making friends was extremely easy.Cranium Board Game Division Head, my boss, Sir Richard

Since I was one of the newbies in the office during this trip, it was cool to get to know my office mates more and develop some sort of dynamics with them. Cooking was our main team building activity, incidentally. Food was.. excessive. Our surplus was able to feed us in the office for a whole week after. Oh, how I miss. Haha.

Now, being a month old employee, I don’t feel so new anymore. Actually, the latest office newcomer is an old friend from UP. Yey, welcome to G&W Architects – Corporate Clients Division, Daryl. 🙂

Photos from Chito.


I have been awfully quiet these past few days. Sigh, working full-time can really take up… well, time (it can also kill brain cells as you can see). To break my silence, let me uncover a post I never had the chance to share until now.

These photos were taken a couple of months ago. I was experimenting with the camera I borrowed (and now returned) from my sister’s boyfriend. I am no photographer, I don’t think I have any future behind the lens, but I gave it a shot (see what I did there?) and tried to tell a story.

(No internet — was productive with work.)Don’t you find living in the suburbs tempting? Yes it does not have all the privileges the city can offer but it has all its perks too –  a big, big backyard, flora and fauna you can cultivate and raise on your own, the refreshing air, the stunning views, the makeshift hammock you can put on a mango tree, a mango tree, a mango.. and the list goes on. I have always been a city girl, and I don’t think I can change my lifestyle oh-so -easily. But in the meantime, why not? My parents love the suburbs and in the near future I hope I can give them early retirement so they can indulge in SUBURBIA. *cue song*

HONGKONG 2012: Day Five

Finally, the last day!

Blogging about this trip was laborious. I didn’t expect it will take me more than a week. Hope I haven’t lost you. Are you enjoying so far? Am I hearing a YES? Haha.


May 16, 2012:

We had 18 hours left in Hongkong and we spent the first half at The Peak and at Madam Tussauds. It was still fun spending the day indoors with wax figures, especially since it was raining hard outside. Cutie patootie kids having a field trip! Souvenir shopping for our families, friends and boyfriends. 😛The wax figure was indistinguishable! Aivi, brace yourself for 9Gaggers. 🙂The Madam behind the museum.Wax figure in the making.Tell me more, Shakespeare. I don’t have any idea who he is.Classic.Yao Ming says: Bitch, please.Sky Terrace. We could not see anything. Dumbass rain. 😦Last meal before we go. At the hotel Mezzanine.Can you guess which belongs to whom?At the cockpit! Especially requested by Aivi Cruz. Weeeee, with our pilots. 🙂 What a way to wrap up a trip. 🙂

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE PHOTOS, Aivi Cruz and Kim Tan-Afuan. 🙂

HONGKONG 2012: Day Four

May 15, 2012:


Macau interests me ever since I have seen it in some episodes of Boys Over Flowers (yes, I used to watch those types of shows). Now it was some kind of a dream come true to be able to go there in person.Macau is an hour away from Kowloon. The first thing we did as soon as we arrived was to tour some hotels. I’ve always loved hotel interiors and exploring them was a treat, says the architect in me.

The following are some Venetian (and some adjacent hotels) photos. I have already blogged about the glamour of the place in this post, take a look again. 🙂Interior details are crazy!Even the food court is pretty.Behind the Scene of the Alcatel One Touch Glam 810D sponsored post.For my Lookbook photos. 😛They have a lot of these pretty chandeliers.Using hotel free shuttle services, we went to The Macau Tower to have a 360 view of the City.It may not seem scary here in the photo, but it is in real life! Imagine sitting on a glass with the view of 223m below.The tower prides itself of offering the world’s highest bungy jump.UP NEXT: Jill Chao Photo SeriesJill brought us to a place the of…PIG PAO (her rough Chinese-English translation)! We later on discovered that it is really called Pork Chop Bun. I like Pig Pao better.A perspective photo gone wrong! HAHA. Oh Jill, I didn’t know you have it in you. Soo landiii. Lemon Cello was just right across the street of the Pig Pao place. Being part of Jill’s must-try food places checklist, we did not miss our chance.And their gelato was sooo good! I wonder if we have it in Manila. Interesting Story: One of the Lemon Cello crews is a Filipino! That was him, behind me. At first he did not notice we are kababayans because of the three Chinese-looking girls with me, until we started discussing the flavors to get in Filipino. I know Filipinos are everywhere but it was cool to establish some real connection when we meet outside the Philippines. And guess what….…he offered us a FREE CUP! Nomnomnom.This was our thank you letter to Kuya. I am not being biased but I do agree that Filipinos are the nicest and the most hospitable people. I have witnessed the difference myself, others are just rude and snobbish.Us girls, and a free shuttle behind. We were about to explore some more hotels after our food trip. Next stop: the very luxurious Galaxy Hotel.Very luxurious, indeed.And now some change of location.Egypt?Rome?Nah, just at the Fisherman’s WharfVery Europe picture of Aivi if you ask me – with her hat, stockings, suede shoes, etc.At the ColiseumHihi, cooool. 🙂Senado Square.Ruins of St. Paul’s.There is something about this photo that says, ‘The Tale of Two Friends or Something”Dinner. Dinner. Dinner.This food stall was seen in a Boys Over Flowers Macau episode. And it was very proud of it. BOF screen caps everywhere.Last attraction for this day – Fountain Show at Wynn Hotel.Have I told you how luxurious these hotels are?

P.S. Hype today’s outfit on Lookbook here. 🙂

Photos from Aivi Cruz and Kim Tan-Afuan

NEXT UP: Day Five at The Peak!

HONGKONG 2012: Day Three

When we were planning our HK itinerary some weeks before the trip, I got confused when my friends suggested (and insisted) to spend a whole day at HK Oceanpark. I was thinking, “Do you really want to stare at aquariums all day?” Until I learned that HK Oceanpark is sooo unlike what we have in Manila. The difference is HUGE!


May 14, 2012:

We arrived at the Oceanpark via train+bus. It was our first time in a double-decker. Aivi and I were so kilig! LOLz.

First stop: Panda Village. OMG, a real FIREFOX! But the real star: Awww, panda. :> It was the crowd favorite. HK Oceanpark is so big there are two ways to navigate the whole place. (1) CABLE CAR(2) OCEAN EXPRESSThis train was our favorite. Two reasons (1) awesomeness (2) airconditioning. You would not believe how hot it was that day. Sometimes we take the train just to “recharge”. 😛Whirly Bird: Our drying machine. Before this we tried The Rapids and it left us all wet.  BEST.PICTURE.EVER!!Cool aerial picture of a portion of the park taken by Aivi while on a ride.The Flash.

Back story: I got disappointed the day before for not being able to ride the RC Racer at Disneyland. After building up the courage for it, we got cut off by the closing time. It was such a bummer. Then I saw this ride at the Ocean Park. RC Racer was like this one pretty much, except…..It swings 360 degrees!!! We survived, needless to say. I was proud of myself. Haha.Dolphin and Sea Lion Show.Sky Fair.Old HongKong. There is something about this photo that I like so much.At The Grand Aquarium. We were really exhausted from the long walks under the intense sun so we went to this “hideout”. Airconditioned, yey. Haha.We went for more rides afterwards. The sad news is, we chickened out on, for me, the most intense rides – Hair Raiser and The Abyss.We tried Raging River and it was fun. We took it twice! 🙂Old Hongkong at night.Grainy night photos. 😦 The fountain and fireworks show at night. This was also the finale, signifying the closing of the park. It was cool to witness different amazing shows everyday during our stay. The day, as usual, did not end with the main attraction. Our late night was spent shopping yet again. 🙂 This was at H&M.And after, EXHAUSTION.

Photos from Aivi Cruz and Kim Tan-Afuan

NEXT UP: Day Four at Macau!

I hope you are not yet tired of my Hongkong Escapade. Two more posts to wrap it up! I already miss Hongkong and my friends.

HONGKONG 2012: Day Two

I do not know how travel bloggers do it but my version of a travel post is this.

WARNING: Photo Heavy


May 13, 2012:

Our day started earlier than usual. It was Mother’s Day and however sad I was for being this far away from my mother (established fact: first time out of the country), the visit to the Central and the anticipation for Disneyland washed the gloom away. Okay, okay, so the idea of having brunch at Maxim’s made me forget too. (Sorry, mom. :P)

It was a Sunday and the Central was quiet with more pedestrians and less vehicles. It was nice to walk the streets of Hongkong with beautiful buildings jutting into of the sky here and there. This got a little over exposed but I had to do my best to save this picture of me standing in front of two iconic buildings!Maxim’s Restaurant. They say it is a pretty famous place. I believed them, until I became a personal witness. We made sure to arrive at the place 1 hour before the opening time. We saw people lined up outside. When the doors opened, it was a race to the third floor. Crazy! People, young and old, were running up just to get good seats. They say the line to get in the restaurant during peak hours reaches all the way down to the ground floor, and I said it was located in the third floor. Who would not love to eat all kinds of dimsum?! No wonder it gets lots of attention from people – locals and tourists alike.At the first wave of food, we were like “Okay, let’s go, bring it on.”Until the food we have here in this table was replenished for about five times! (Kim’s parents and some relatives were ordering for us.) They kept coming! More than once did we refuse a server placing more food on our table. Interesting Fact #1: In Hongkong, they serve hot tea. If you want cold (house) water, you have to pay for it. But hot tea is definitely for free. Poor Aivi who cannot swallow anything warm. 🙂Interesting Fact #2: The people you see sitting on cardboard boxes are Filipinas! They have “picnics” every Sunday at the Central during their day off from their respective jobs. Train to Hongkong Disneyland. When I was young, all I hear from kids my age was their dream of going to this fantasy land. I never dreamed of going though. I just know it was too expensive (practical kid I used to be). Who knew this day will come? Haha. I believe it wasn’t too late, this is my childhood we are talking about here. I actually wonder if the kids that go there now actually feel connection with the Disney Characters. I mean, what do their generation watch these days?!Hongkong Aivi was soooo happy. 🙂First on the list: RUN! (We actually have a cheesy title for this whole HK trip: The Human Race) First of our concerns was to catch the Festival of Lion King show.And it was AMAZING! This picture doesn’t even do justice to the whole show. If you happen to go to Disneyland anytime soon, don’t miss this. 🙂Happy with the show we just watched, we also lined up for The Golden Mickey. I can just watch their productions all day. Bongga!The scream I was doing here was a whooping scream, okay? Okay? I was like, “Whoo, this is soo fuuun!.” Why do I have the feeling you don’t believe me. 😛Parade of the Stars. The moment the clouds decided to pour some rain. Aww, Cinderella. :> Aivi and I were dying to meet and greet with Disney Princesses but we did not have the chance.Jungle River Cruise. The boat ride was surprising. We saw realistic elephants, rhinos, some tribal people, etc, etc and even fire on water during the tour. The castle these two girls ever dreamed of. Toy Story Land. Unexpectedly, this is my most favorite part of Disneyland. I became attached to Toy Story after watching the third movie. Plus, the concept of the whole area is so cool!Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. What would you feel if you were brought up meters and meters from the ground then dropped all of a sudden?Main Street Corner Cafe. With our student budget, we just couldn’t afford Disneyland food. Behold, Kim’s parents came to the rescue again! This day was such a treat. I will forever be grateful!After dinner we checked out shops while waiting for the fireworks. Everything was so pretty! The house I would die for. The fireworks display was…. I’m losing adjectives. It was a magical moment. I was speechless. I just can’t.So sad to leave. 😥 Night Market: Temple Street and Ladies’ Market. Need I say more? SHOPPING!Street food!Don’t worry, Jill picked the safest in the bunch! They were like waffles with fillings.Aww, a very Hongkong picture, don’t you think? How we looked at the end of the day. This was the most tiring day for me, but the happiest! I was already dragging myself all throughout our night market trip. My feet were in so much pain. This is what we get for compressing our days with too much activities. But, no regrets!

Photos from Aivi Cruz and Kim Tan-Afuan

NEXT UP: Day Three at Hongkong Oceanpark!