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I love outdoor photos!

How can I not? I can sit on the grass and look anywhere but the camera and boom, great picture. Not because of my prowess in modeling, if I possess such a thing, but the credit mainly goes to the sun for illuminating my skin in all the right places and to the trees for swaying in the background with a grace that beats mine. Of course, the skills of the photographer is a given, also the amount of difference post processing can give. But you get me, don’t you?

Removing my precious sun and nature backdrop, how can I survive? Haha. I have always been intimidated with studio photo shoots. No yellows, greens and blues for distraction, I am on my own. But, I am always up for the challenge and the challenge includes dressing up in simple pants and white shirt. Nothing fancy, as photographer Paolo Tulalian requested.

I had a fun shoot with friends Pao and Daryl at Camera Cart, Maginhawa last August 25. Behind the scene photos are already up, you can read more about our first studio shoot here.

Final photos, you say? The first few ones below are from Daryl, on my take of the basic jeans and top combo. I opted for a button- down with cut- out details on the shoulders. I have been seeing such a style for a long time now, finally I got my hands on my own. And because I like it so much, I instantly got it in two different colors. I can’t wait to show you how else I am planning to style it, there are countless of ways!

Again, photography by Daryl Refuerzo. More photos NEXT! 🙂


BTS: First Studio Shoot

One model, two photographers, all first- timers in a studio shoot!

It was fun learning, I never thought lighting can be so complicated! I thought when you have a backdrop and different lights on stand, beautiful professional photos can magically appear in the cameras, but it was really more than that.

I kept my outfits simple and accessories minimal. I even wore jeans for the first time in a shoot. Not that I don’t like wearing pants, I just don’t think they are flattering to me. But let’s see when final photos are out, shall we? For now, here are behind the scene shots. 🙂Thank you Pao Tulalian and girlfriend Ann Sayson. Also thanks for coming along, Daryl! 🙂

Afternoon Muse

I don’t get photographed everyday. Therefore, when an opportunity arises, I always grab the chance to showcase one of the things I love doing — styling. I used to spend time, money and effort shopping for clothes I will use. This time though, I did not have those to spare. Luckily, I have some new purchases from Hongkong and some old stuff I could use. The only item I bought especially for this shoot was the corset top on which I revolved everything else around.

One of the tried and tested formulas for a corset top is pairing it with an asymmetrical skirt, which I did. I would pair it with a mullet skirt but I already sported that kind of skirt a few posts ago so I opted for this one I bought in Hongkong. I completed the look with brown accessories and a pair of wedges.

Here are the shots taken by hobbyist photographer Pao Tulalian. I talked about how this shoot came around in my previous post.


With the corset still on, I channeled some more femininity now with lace shorts and feather necklace both from Hongkong. The top actually has this detail at the bottom which I have concealed previously. Revealing new details makes clothing items still interesting even if worn more than once. And watch out, the corset has this cute bow at the back. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it at The Ramp Crossings and lucky me, it was on sale! 🙂This got to be one of my favorite shots. 🙂 Spot the bow detail! I hope you like the set of photos from last week’s photoshoot with Pao. Despite meeting him for the first time, I’m glad I did not get so shy and posed all awkward.. or did I? I would love to know what you think!

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Special thanks to Ann Sayson. 🙂

By Pamee Co

It pays to come from an artistic community – UP College of Architecture. Now I feel so lucky to be surrounded by very creative people – people with  talents I can easily tap for this blog, HAHA! I’m kidding. But really.

I was fortunate enough to work with Pamee Co during my term as a UAPSA-UPD committee directress in my senior year in college. She was the deputy of the Pub Comm director and I have witnessed her prowess in graphic design and digital art. It was amazing. During the planning of this blog, I decided I want to have an illustration made. I asked her this huge favor and, despite being busy with her summer classes, she so nicely accepted. Thank you so much, Pamee!  She has this accuracy that even after superimposing the art on the original photo it looked perfect!

Check out her Deviant Art, Facebook and Tumblr!

By Daryl Refuerzo

Have you guessed? Yes, it was him.

Whenever I need to have something creative done, the first person I run to is Daryl. He designed the Silly Inspirations header too but it was originally made for someone else. Noticing it was unused during my time of need (for a new site design), I pleaded him to let me use it. And the rest is history.

This time though, I was the client to be pleased. (Feels soo good, and it was for free! Haha.)

Aside from having (only) my name on it, I want it to reflect what the blog is going to be about – Fashion + Architecture (+ Extras + In-Betweens). If you haven’t noticed, the prints on the letters are alternating fabric patterns and architectural details. For the fabric patterns, he specifically asked me to photograph my own clothes. I’m guessing the architectural details were from his own photography. Correct me if I’m wrong, Daryl. 🙂

I knew this hat is going to be useful for the letter “O”. 

 I asked him to make me something professional (as this blog serves also as my portfolio) but fun and colorful at the same time. Achieve?