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Design- Inspired

Do you remember the vintage-y interior I did a month back? No? You know, this one:Sadly, I have not done something new since then. I would love to design more and practice on my Vray while I’m on it but.. well, no excuses, I will just do it  – SOON! 🙂

So the reason why I’m writing about it again is this:If I were to wear something (of course, I should wear something) while I’m lounging on that couch, this would be it. I think a laid back outfit in neutral colors will go well with it. If you know me, I am crazy over everything matchy- matchy BUT I would not want to totally camouflage by wearing something with almost the same print as the couch, and whatnot. I got inspiration from the colors and textures instead and I worked my way around those.I love the romantic feel brought by the laces on my shorts and scarf too, do you?Finally, even though I overdid the messiness of the bun, I think such a hairdo is the most appropriate.

My face in here says, “Soo, what do you think?” 🙂

P.S. Do you like this Architecture meets Fashion kind of post? Well I do! I hope to do this regularly. 🙂


Afternoon Muse

I don’t get photographed everyday. Therefore, when an opportunity arises, I always grab the chance to showcase one of the things I love doing — styling. I used to spend time, money and effort shopping for clothes I will use. This time though, I did not have those to spare. Luckily, I have some new purchases from Hongkong and some old stuff I could use. The only item I bought especially for this shoot was the corset top on which I revolved everything else around.

One of the tried and tested formulas for a corset top is pairing it with an asymmetrical skirt, which I did. I would pair it with a mullet skirt but I already sported that kind of skirt a few posts ago so I opted for this one I bought in Hongkong. I completed the look with brown accessories and a pair of wedges.

Here are the shots taken by hobbyist photographer Pao Tulalian. I talked about how this shoot came around in my previous post.


With the corset still on, I channeled some more femininity now with lace shorts and feather necklace both from Hongkong. The top actually has this detail at the bottom which I have concealed previously. Revealing new details makes clothing items still interesting even if worn more than once. And watch out, the corset has this cute bow at the back. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it at The Ramp Crossings and lucky me, it was on sale! 🙂This got to be one of my favorite shots. 🙂 Spot the bow detail! I hope you like the set of photos from last week’s photoshoot with Pao. Despite meeting him for the first time, I’m glad I did not get so shy and posed all awkward.. or did I? I would love to know what you think!

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Special thanks to Ann Sayson. 🙂