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VRAY for SKETCHUP: Before. In-between. After.

Show of hands, are Architecture students reading me today? Hmmmm, I can sense some. Okay then, let’s proceed!

I’m sure most of you know Google SketchUp, unless you use more sophisticated software such as Revit or 3ds Max. I personally don’t know how to use Revit and my 3ds Max skills are getting rusty (although I am planning to rekindle soon!) so right now, SketchUp is my way to go. It’s just simpler and easier although a bit limiting for me.

When it comes to rendering, I know a few – Twilight – installed but I never really used, Kerkythea – my thesis savior partnered with Photoshop (I have a tutorial here) and Vray – what I am currently loving. I have blogged about it before and a previous rendering can be seen here.

I still think I am a Vray newbie, but thanks to our Vray office tutor, RJ Madrid (Ayun oh, special mention!), I was able to create already acceptable renderings. Maybe next time I will be able to do my own step-by-step tutorial (when I am already good enough). Right now, let me show the before, in- between and after of an interior I did.

BEFORE: SketchUp Model

Sketchup Jpeg exports look sooo flat. Definitely not something you would show to clients/professors to make an impression. Just to practice my Vray, I created this scene and mixed up furniture and decors in a way I would like to have my own space designed. I modeled the wood planks per piece (it was not as tedious as you think, it’s easy to copy and paste!) and got most of my furniture from Vitra. Other models were downloaded from 3d Warehouse. The cones in the scene actually represent IES lights. IES files can be downloaded from the net, too.

IN- BETWEEN: Vray SettingsPhoto above shows the compilation of the major materials I used. Notice that almost everything has reflection on it. Reflection Layer helps A LOT – but the question lies on how reflective and glossy the material would be. It’s best to observe how these materials look like in real life.

The topmost left material was used as glass and was created with a Refraction Layer. The bottom most right material has an Emissive Layer hence the glow. It was used in my lights partnered with IES files.The smaller window shows how Vray renders the scene. This is the longest part of the process. An i5 computer rendered my 2048 x 1536  scene for about half a day. 😦 Reflections take long to render, as well as lights. Also, the more detailed the model, the longer. That’s probably one of the downsides of Vray – and I can only imagine Vray for 3ds Max!

AFTER: Final RenderWas half a day all worth it? Sure. 🙂 I did very minimal post processing here. I adjusted the brightness a bit and added the background outside the window. Almost redundant scene, but I just love shelves like these. Add books and other random things and it can already make the space interesting, or that’s just me. 😛I can only imagine myself sitting on one of these glass chairs by a corner window with a good nature view outside while reading a book or using my laptop. Aaaaaaahhhh, that’s life. 🙂 

I was going for sheer curtains in here, forgive me if they did not turn out so nice and realistic. I am also always a fail in carpets, too. Areas for improvement, noted!

So that’s it. See you guys next render next post, whatever my topic would be. Haha! 🙂

Design- Inspired

Do you remember the vintage-y interior I did a month back? No? You know, this one:Sadly, I have not done something new since then. I would love to design more and practice on my Vray while I’m on it but.. well, no excuses, I will just do it  – SOON! 🙂

So the reason why I’m writing about it again is this:If I were to wear something (of course, I should wear something) while I’m lounging on that couch, this would be it. I think a laid back outfit in neutral colors will go well with it. If you know me, I am crazy over everything matchy- matchy BUT I would not want to totally camouflage by wearing something with almost the same print as the couch, and whatnot. I got inspiration from the colors and textures instead and I worked my way around those.I love the romantic feel brought by the laces on my shorts and scarf too, do you?Finally, even though I overdid the messiness of the bun, I think such a hairdo is the most appropriate.

My face in here says, “Soo, what do you think?” 🙂

P.S. Do you like this Architecture meets Fashion kind of post? Well I do! I hope to do this regularly. 🙂


Vray for SketchUp, Finally!

I now know how to do a decent rendering using Vray for Sketchup! 

I know what some of you are thinking: “Just now?”, but well, I never really understood Vray and its.. complications until an office mate helped me decipher each and every tab and button. Surprisingly, I now think it’s pretty straightforward. I shall explore on it more, read tutorials and Vray blogs here and there. Hello photo-realistic renderings soon! MUST. PRACTICE.

I have done a few interior renderings of living room/bedroom and SOHO for the condominium project we have been working on in the office and while I would like to share those, I don’t think I can (office property). BUT, I decided to make another rendering for this blog (and this blog alone).

Hmm, how do I like my interiors? At this moment I want a really cozy place with super comfy couch where I can finish a book or two. I want it feminine too, with contrasting pieces that look well- put together as a whole. And finally, I would love to have that vintage-y look! Here are some inspirations I got from Google:

And my take?

Modeled using SketchUp

Rendered using Vray

Post Processed (tint/contrast adjustments) using Lightroom 


Soo, how do you like your interiors? 🙂

Interiors and Then Some

My lack of posts worries me.

(Please know, dear blog, that I am not AWOL-ing on you. I miss you too, just so you know. )

My lack of fashion-related posts particularly concerns me. What to blame? Not my schedule nor the demands of my work whatsoever but the absence of a camera. What kind of blogger (wannabe) does not own a camera? *Sigh* I really need to do something about that. Too bad I’ve been wanting to show you how I’m doing work-appropriate clothing. But it’s okay for now, I’m still upgrading my taste into something more mature and still shopping my way in the process. Right now I’m just making do with what I can pull off with my old school clothes. Wish me luck, I’m running out of ideas!

(That’s about how far I can talk about fashion these days. Soooo, before I get confused with this post myself, let me proceed to the main subject at hand..)

Architectural Rendering, anyone? 

I did a lobby rendering with 3D Studio Max a couple of months back and this was the result.

Honestly, I do not have the patience in 3d modeling and rendering. I usually do something very basic then just polish everything through Photoshop. Enhancing the previous photo, I came up with this:Brushing up some lights and changing the entourage to produce a night scene, I have this:

Architectural Rendering made easy. What do you think? 🙂