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Floral headwrap? Floral necklace? Floral skirt? Floral ring? Am I puking rainbows or what? Haha. 

This too floral of an outfit? Yeah, I can wear this. Heck, I can pull this off. But then I have to prepare myself for comments and teases from friends. Someone put this girl in a vase. No, I’m kidding. I think people are used to me and I am used to people. And I’m not even the kind who wears really attention- grabbing clothes. I am just a girl who is being… too girly.

With my already too-cute-for-words outfit, how do I go around wearing this? Tip #1: NEVER SMILE – at least for pictures. Haha. As everything else, attitude must be balanced. Say hello to the fifth member of the mean girls!

Remember what I told you about my interest in button- downs with shoulder cut-outs? This is my other one in super light pink from Jelly Bean. I love it to bits!I bought this envelope clutch in a night market in Hong Kong. The skirt? Pffft, cheap buy from atiangge. The necklace was a bargain from SuperSale Bazaar (I bought it from Camille Co. HIHI). The thing about me is that, I’m a certified cheapskate.How else can I better emphasize my floral theme than by adding doilies clipart, free for download from! Aside from my love for dressing up and posing for pictures, I equally enjoy editing photos. I overdid it this time, didn’t I? I don’t know, I just got sooo inspired by cool graphics and design blogs lately. Since unlike other fashion bloggers I only have my white wall, I think it’s up to me to make things interesting. So yeah, I’ve decided to make this blog my online scrapbook. And I hope I’ll get to improve my photos too as I go on – ’cause most of the times old photos just make me cringe. Taste level improves, I think. As of the moment, this set is my favorite of the bunch. Hope I won’t cringe at the sight of this next week! Haha.



Post Graduation

Not going to school next semester has not sunk in yet. Even though I already want to start working (to financially sustain myself because I’m getting poorer and poorer everyday), I will always think of myself as a college girl. Was it weird that I wasn’t emotional during graduation? I guess it did not feel like the end. (I’m taking out the fact that the blazing sun, humidity and un-airconditioned venue killed any emotional tendencies for all of us.) I didn’t even think I will miss my friends – I just know they won’t let me miss them. Few days after graduation, we meet again.


Marjun|Nino|Ian|Aivi|ErinIt wasn’t completely for leisure though. We have laptops, research materials, design schemes, a construction estimate book and calculator… yeah, graduation really wasn’t the end.

In case you are wondering, no we don’t have extra/unfinished classes, it is for a design competition we are joining. Wish us luck! The budget for the project is soooo tight! But as an inside joke, we hope “PAG-IBIG conquers all”.Yummy silvanas from Dumaguete brought to the rest of us by Erin and Ian who both attended the 19th UAPSA National Congress at the said city.


Aivi|Jill|KimYummy crepes from Cafe Breton. This time we have laptops, maps and googling powers. With meetings here and there, I seem to be very busy these past days, eh?

BUT! This meet-up was not for another design competition, it was for our Hong Kong trip itinerary planning, YEY! Hong Kong, see you in two weeks! 🙂

Other things that happened within the week:

  • I bought my own domain and started on this blog (needless to say).
  • I learned that we placed in some sort of design competition we entered a month back.
  • A design project got official as I received an e-mail from the boss.
  • I received some monetary gifts from relatives for graduating (with honors :P).

To fellow newly grads, how was your post-grad week? 🙂