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I must work on my blogging schedule, I really do. It sucks to fall on a wake up – go to work – go home – sleep routine that days are becoming a blur. Oh my, four more months left for 2012! Happy September, everyone! I hope it will be a good month. 🙂 Maybe the start of a difference for me? Must think positive.

I have a long line of blog entries to produce – in a regular interval, I hope! Let’s start with this. How about an outfit.. and then some?

Outfit of the day is a typical combination of a red top and a black skirt. You may have seen it countless of times already, on somebody else.

To give a (little bit of a) fresh take on it, my top is in polka dots, my skirt has asymmetrical details, I have a red bow on my head.. and a moustache! Haha. I will go cutie patootie on you in this set of pictures, please don’t puke!Doesn’t look so much of a camera bag, does it? Exactly what I want! It is a simple, scarlet bag with a padded inside and adjustable dividers perfect to keep my baby safe without screaming, “Hey, I have a camera inside!” too much. The best thing about it? I got it for almost free!! How?Izzo Shop, the best camera bags and accessories shop online, had a promo last August. I bought two bags for less than a thousand bucks! Don’t fret, they still have a promo this start of September, check their facebook site for details!

There is more. The reason why I learned about Izzoshop was through the blog of my friend, Carla. She was holding a giveaway then, and even though I wasn’t so lucky with the whole lottery-ish kind of thing, I joined. Nothing to lose and so much to gain if luckily chosen, right? Reason why I patiently join giveaways even if I never win – UNTIL NOW. Yes, this lovely Anne Work Tote landed in my hands. Thank you so much Carla! Keep blogging and keep holding amazing giveaways!

And guys with cameras and laptops to keep and carry, be sure to check out Izzo Shop. They have new items I have been lusting over for weeks now. You may like them too. 🙂



4 responses

  1. prettyfrenemy

    Cute outfit 🙂

    September 2, 2012 at 5:43 pm

  2. aedrianewrites

    it’s like a magazineeeee!!! 😀 so many pretty thingsssssss!!!! ❤

    September 9, 2012 at 12:18 pm

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