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Knitted + Printed

I’ve been mentioning repeatedly how crazy the weather here in the city is. It has been raining all day and signs of stopping are nonexistent. It will continue for days, according to the news. Oh please, don’t let this be an Ondoy Repeat.

I don’t know if this is the right time to post these pictures but since work was officially called off for today (yeah, the condition is that bad), I’m taking this time to work on the blog and publish posts I never got around to publishing.


I have been craving for coziness ever since the rainy season has begun. I don’t know why but I seem to get comfort from anything knitted. To make things interesting, I paired knits with prints.

Forever 21 Cardigan | Forever 21 Dress | SM Accessories Bracelets 

You can find this on Lookbook here.

I have a favor to ask, PLEASE PRAY FOR THE PHILIPPINES and send help while you are at it. (Sagip Kapamilya Hotline 4114995)

Be safe, everyone. 😦


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