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It was a gloomy week. The weather was really bad and I pray every family affected by Typhoon Gener will recover pretty fast. Please be safe, everyone. I heard new typhoons are coming and I hope we are more prepared this time.

Despite this environmental condition, it wasn’t a really bad week for me. Yes, it was a hassle to commute to work with strong rains and winds every time and my shoes were always soaked and now dying but there are bright side to things. This was taken by Daryl. I asked him to teach me about HDR’s (still on photography tutorial high) and this was the overexposed one among the trio. I decided it’s pretty enough to stand on its own, even without editing. Agree? With that, I added two more random photos to complete the set.Have a nice weekend!


One response

  1. I miss to see the light of the sun hitting my skin, I hope typhoons will end sooner.

    It’s a nice shot, though. 🙂

    August 4, 2012 at 8:40 pm

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