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Maximum Comfort

July gave Manila a month-long cuddle weather and with that, I’ve been layering my outfits with cardigans and blazers. I also couldn’t resist pullovers – they are just so comfy and easy to wear.

But how can I glam up a simple sweater? Last thing I would want to do is to show up looking like I came straight from bed.How about adding these to the equation? Accessories are such handy tools and an interesting bottom wouldn’t hurt too. Forever 21 Sweater | Mullet Skirt from Bazaar | Wedges from Bazaar | Forever 21 Earrings | Forever 21 Necklace | Ring from Sister

I think the most expensive item in this look is the necklace which I purchased way back 2011. The earrings that match were given to me as a gift. I got the sweater at a discounted price (70%, I think) during the Big Sale this July and the shoes and skirt are just cheap buys. Tip for girls on a budget, try bazaars/tiangges. You can find items there that are almost the same ones you can see in malls. I already saw different mall stores carrying the exact same skirt with twice the price just because it has been branded already. Practical times call for such thrifting you know! 🙂


P.S. I’m still trying to experiment with my camera settings and post processing to get the best out of my gadget. What do you think of the photos so far?


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