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Last Hurrah

It has been raining quite a lot these days. The wet season has made its way and as much as I would like to feel sad for summer’s end, I don’t. The intense heat was unbearable so I’m welcoming cooler days with open arms. I just pray to God typhoons, those that hit the country each year, won’t cause too much trouble to Filipinos. Ahhh, floods. I hope they miraculously disappear. On a somehow related note, I’m sure some students are looking forward to this class suspension season. Which reminds me, the working girl that I am now is not entitled to those anymore. Message to self: Welcome to the Real World.

But being a working girl isn’t so bad. Ironically, I was able to get a taste of summer because of work. No beach trip for me this whole summer except for the one organized by the company I work for. It happened June 23-24 at the White Beach, Puerto Galera, a little bit out of the hot season but enjoyable still.

As you can see, the company, or at least our division, is mostly composed of young adults like me. Almost everyone is within my age bracket, except for the senior architects and staff, so adjusting and making friends was extremely easy.Cranium Board Game Division Head, my boss, Sir Richard

Since I was one of the newbies in the office during this trip, it was cool to get to know my office mates more and develop some sort of dynamics with them. Cooking was our main team building activity, incidentally. Food was.. excessive. Our surplus was able to feed us in the office for a whole week after. Oh, how I miss. Haha.

Now, being a month old employee, I don’t feel so new anymore. Actually, the latest office newcomer is an old friend from UP. Yey, welcome to G&W Architects – Corporate Clients Division, Daryl. 🙂

Photos from Chito.


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