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How’s Work?

I officially became part of the employed sector two weeks ago, and I can’t believe I am at this point of my life already. No more allowance from parents, no more school holidays and class suspensions, no more UP and everything I have learned to love in UP (even enrollment and hell weeks).

Of course I still feel like a student sometimes, being an intern and all that. I know the real world will become more real when I get my license, I’m still an architect in the making for two more years – which kind of sucks because I want a real- paying job already. Haha.

So work is fun, so far. The people are nice – from the boss, to office mates, down to the staff! The environment is casual and not stressful (yet). The learning experience is good – I didn’t have to be embarrassed for things I don’t know and criticisms are constructive from the bosses. Also, it helps that my boss lets me come to meetings and presentation with clients.

One lazy Friday I took some pictures to show you snippets of my work place.I used to like purple back in High School, and I guess that kind of stuck to people. The bag and wallet are gifts from my boyfriend’s mom. Purple or not purple, I love them! Perfect timing for my new work! They say it is lucky to receive wallets as gifts, I hope it gets fat and fat and fat. (Which means I cannot shop and shop and shop.)It is so cute in the inside! The animal print is a really nice touch and the coin purse is so useful.This is my temporary station. The office is yet to finalize the computers and zoning for each person since it is undergoing some kind of renovation. Our desk is messy as you can see, and although I am the least OC person when it comes to my things, I am itching to clean and organize!I have the view of SM Megamall from my workstation. This now gives you an idea on where I work. Any guesses? 🙂I can summarize my two weeks with this picture  – OVERTIME. It really helps that my commute from work to home is stress-free because I overtime up to almost midnight! In the next days, I know, I will experience not going home at all. It’s just how it is in the Architecture field. Now to what I was wearing. Actually, we don’t wear corporate clothes but they say you can’t be too casual either, except during Fridays. I am still confused, though. I don’t have a lot of work appropriate clothes so I dress like how I usually dress. Good thing I have not received any warnings yet despite the shortness of my dress or skirt sometimes. Any tips on how to still look fashionable with office wear? And finally I want to share this picture by one of the senior architects in the office. I am happy that at this age, the field is almost completely computerized. Yet, it is still amazing to see drafted drawings from people who have done things manual their whole career. (By the way, I was trained in manual drafting too!) I now wonder how the next next generation will do Architecture. But it is too early to think about that.


2 responses

  1. You’ve totally glommed up your office with those looks! LOL

    Courtney (Your newest follower)

    June 9, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    • Aw, thank you for following! Appreciate it. 🙂

      June 10, 2012 at 10:10 am

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