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BTS: May 2012 Photoshoot

About a couple of weeks ago I received an invitation from Ann Sayson, a former classmate in my early Arki years, to model for a photoshoot she wanted to organize for her photographer boyfriend. Aww, sweet supportive girlfriend. How can I say no? It’s about time I update my modeling portfolio. Plus, skills (those I think I have?) were getting rusty.

These are some of the behind-the-scenes shots by Ann. I will post the official photos next. 🙂Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife (so close to UP, but it was my first time!)Wrinkled skirt was wrinkled! I had to pack my clothes because I commuted via MRT to get to the location.Too much concentration? Let’s say I was doing some self evaluation. 😛Ann SaysonPao Tulalian


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