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HONGKONG 2012: Day Four

May 15, 2012:


Macau interests me ever since I have seen it in some episodes of Boys Over Flowers (yes, I used to watch those types of shows). Now it was some kind of a dream come true to be able to go there in person.Macau is an hour away from Kowloon. The first thing we did as soon as we arrived was to tour some hotels. I’ve always loved hotel interiors and exploring them was a treat, says the architect in me.

The following are some Venetian (and some adjacent hotels) photos. I have already blogged about the glamour of the place in this post, take a look again. 🙂Interior details are crazy!Even the food court is pretty.Behind the Scene of the Alcatel One Touch Glam 810D sponsored post.For my Lookbook photos. 😛They have a lot of these pretty chandeliers.Using hotel free shuttle services, we went to The Macau Tower to have a 360 view of the City.It may not seem scary here in the photo, but it is in real life! Imagine sitting on a glass with the view of 223m below.The tower prides itself of offering the world’s highest bungy jump.UP NEXT: Jill Chao Photo SeriesJill brought us to a place the of…PIG PAO (her rough Chinese-English translation)! We later on discovered that it is really called Pork Chop Bun. I like Pig Pao better.A perspective photo gone wrong! HAHA. Oh Jill, I didn’t know you have it in you. Soo landiii. Lemon Cello was just right across the street of the Pig Pao place. Being part of Jill’s must-try food places checklist, we did not miss our chance.And their gelato was sooo good! I wonder if we have it in Manila. Interesting Story: One of the Lemon Cello crews is a Filipino! That was him, behind me. At first he did not notice we are kababayans because of the three Chinese-looking girls with me, until we started discussing the flavors to get in Filipino. I know Filipinos are everywhere but it was cool to establish some real connection when we meet outside the Philippines. And guess what….…he offered us a FREE CUP! Nomnomnom.This was our thank you letter to Kuya. I am not being biased but I do agree that Filipinos are the nicest and the most hospitable people. I have witnessed the difference myself, others are just rude and snobbish.Us girls, and a free shuttle behind. We were about to explore some more hotels after our food trip. Next stop: the very luxurious Galaxy Hotel.Very luxurious, indeed.And now some change of location.Egypt?Rome?Nah, just at the Fisherman’s WharfVery Europe picture of Aivi if you ask me – with her hat, stockings, suede shoes, etc.At the ColiseumHihi, cooool. 🙂Senado Square.Ruins of St. Paul’s.There is something about this photo that says, ‘The Tale of Two Friends or Something”Dinner. Dinner. Dinner.This food stall was seen in a Boys Over Flowers Macau episode. And it was very proud of it. BOF screen caps everywhere.Last attraction for this day – Fountain Show at Wynn Hotel.Have I told you how luxurious these hotels are?

P.S. Hype today’s outfit on Lookbook here. 🙂

Photos from Aivi Cruz and Kim Tan-Afuan

NEXT UP: Day Five at The Peak!


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