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HONGKONG 2012: Day Three

When we were planning our HK itinerary some weeks before the trip, I got confused when my friends suggested (and insisted) to spend a whole day at HK Oceanpark. I was thinking, “Do you really want to stare at aquariums all day?” Until I learned that HK Oceanpark is sooo unlike what we have in Manila. The difference is HUGE!


May 14, 2012:

We arrived at the Oceanpark via train+bus. It was our first time in a double-decker. Aivi and I were so kilig! LOLz.

First stop: Panda Village. OMG, a real FIREFOX! But the real star: Awww, panda. :> It was the crowd favorite. HK Oceanpark is so big there are two ways to navigate the whole place. (1) CABLE CAR(2) OCEAN EXPRESSThis train was our favorite. Two reasons (1) awesomeness (2) airconditioning. You would not believe how hot it was that day. Sometimes we take the train just to “recharge”. 😛Whirly Bird: Our drying machine. Before this we tried The Rapids and it left us all wet.  BEST.PICTURE.EVER!!Cool aerial picture of a portion of the park taken by Aivi while on a ride.The Flash.

Back story: I got disappointed the day before for not being able to ride the RC Racer at Disneyland. After building up the courage for it, we got cut off by the closing time. It was such a bummer. Then I saw this ride at the Ocean Park. RC Racer was like this one pretty much, except…..It swings 360 degrees!!! We survived, needless to say. I was proud of myself. Haha.Dolphin and Sea Lion Show.Sky Fair.Old HongKong. There is something about this photo that I like so much.At The Grand Aquarium. We were really exhausted from the long walks under the intense sun so we went to this “hideout”. Airconditioned, yey. Haha.We went for more rides afterwards. The sad news is, we chickened out on, for me, the most intense rides – Hair Raiser and The Abyss.We tried Raging River and it was fun. We took it twice! 🙂Old Hongkong at night.Grainy night photos. 😦 The fountain and fireworks show at night. This was also the finale, signifying the closing of the park. It was cool to witness different amazing shows everyday during our stay. The day, as usual, did not end with the main attraction. Our late night was spent shopping yet again. 🙂 This was at H&M.And after, EXHAUSTION.

Photos from Aivi Cruz and Kim Tan-Afuan

NEXT UP: Day Four at Macau!

I hope you are not yet tired of my Hongkong Escapade. Two more posts to wrap it up! I already miss Hongkong and my friends.


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