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HONGKONG 2012: Day Two

I do not know how travel bloggers do it but my version of a travel post is this.

WARNING: Photo Heavy


May 13, 2012:

Our day started earlier than usual. It was Mother’s Day and however sad I was for being this far away from my mother (established fact: first time out of the country), the visit to the Central and the anticipation for Disneyland washed the gloom away. Okay, okay, so the idea of having brunch at Maxim’s made me forget too. (Sorry, mom. :P)

It was a Sunday and the Central was quiet with more pedestrians and less vehicles. It was nice to walk the streets of Hongkong with beautiful buildings jutting into of the sky here and there. This got a little over exposed but I had to do my best to save this picture of me standing in front of two iconic buildings!Maxim’s Restaurant. They say it is a pretty famous place. I believed them, until I became a personal witness. We made sure to arrive at the place 1 hour before the opening time. We saw people lined up outside. When the doors opened, it was a race to the third floor. Crazy! People, young and old, were running up just to get good seats. They say the line to get in the restaurant during peak hours reaches all the way down to the ground floor, and I said it was located in the third floor. Who would not love to eat all kinds of dimsum?! No wonder it gets lots of attention from people – locals and tourists alike.At the first wave of food, we were like “Okay, let’s go, bring it on.”Until the food we have here in this table was replenished for about five times! (Kim’s parents and some relatives were ordering for us.) They kept coming! More than once did we refuse a server placing more food on our table. Interesting Fact #1: In Hongkong, they serve hot tea. If you want cold (house) water, you have to pay for it. But hot tea is definitely for free. Poor Aivi who cannot swallow anything warm. 🙂Interesting Fact #2: The people you see sitting on cardboard boxes are Filipinas! They have “picnics” every Sunday at the Central during their day off from their respective jobs. Train to Hongkong Disneyland. When I was young, all I hear from kids my age was their dream of going to this fantasy land. I never dreamed of going though. I just know it was too expensive (practical kid I used to be). Who knew this day will come? Haha. I believe it wasn’t too late, this is my childhood we are talking about here. I actually wonder if the kids that go there now actually feel connection with the Disney Characters. I mean, what do their generation watch these days?!Hongkong Aivi was soooo happy. 🙂First on the list: RUN! (We actually have a cheesy title for this whole HK trip: The Human Race) First of our concerns was to catch the Festival of Lion King show.And it was AMAZING! This picture doesn’t even do justice to the whole show. If you happen to go to Disneyland anytime soon, don’t miss this. 🙂Happy with the show we just watched, we also lined up for The Golden Mickey. I can just watch their productions all day. Bongga!The scream I was doing here was a whooping scream, okay? Okay? I was like, “Whoo, this is soo fuuun!.” Why do I have the feeling you don’t believe me. 😛Parade of the Stars. The moment the clouds decided to pour some rain. Aww, Cinderella. :> Aivi and I were dying to meet and greet with Disney Princesses but we did not have the chance.Jungle River Cruise. The boat ride was surprising. We saw realistic elephants, rhinos, some tribal people, etc, etc and even fire on water during the tour. The castle these two girls ever dreamed of. Toy Story Land. Unexpectedly, this is my most favorite part of Disneyland. I became attached to Toy Story after watching the third movie. Plus, the concept of the whole area is so cool!Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. What would you feel if you were brought up meters and meters from the ground then dropped all of a sudden?Main Street Corner Cafe. With our student budget, we just couldn’t afford Disneyland food. Behold, Kim’s parents came to the rescue again! This day was such a treat. I will forever be grateful!After dinner we checked out shops while waiting for the fireworks. Everything was so pretty! The house I would die for. The fireworks display was…. I’m losing adjectives. It was a magical moment. I was speechless. I just can’t.So sad to leave. 😥 Night Market: Temple Street and Ladies’ Market. Need I say more? SHOPPING!Street food!Don’t worry, Jill picked the safest in the bunch! They were like waffles with fillings.Aww, a very Hongkong picture, don’t you think? How we looked at the end of the day. This was the most tiring day for me, but the happiest! I was already dragging myself all throughout our night market trip. My feet were in so much pain. This is what we get for compressing our days with too much activities. But, no regrets!

Photos from Aivi Cruz and Kim Tan-Afuan

NEXT UP: Day Three at Hongkong Oceanpark!


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  1. Kim hugging the huge box of crayons is so Kim. hahahaha!

    May 24, 2012 at 11:51 am

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