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PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Exterior Night Perspective

3d Modeling: SketchUp Pro 8

Base Rendering: Kerkythea 2008

Post Processing: Photoshop CS5

Hello readers, I am back in the Philippines! (I’m sure most of you didn’t even know I left. :P)

Before I bombard you with touristy stuff (because I will), I would like to share this long overdue post on how to do an exterior night perspective using Photoshop. I hope you have seen my past interior perspective rendering tutorial. I won’t be able to go over this one in detail, I will just show you my layers again and I hope you’ll be able to catch some tips along the way. To tell you honestly, if I were to repeat this over, I’m not sure if I will be able to achieve the same result. I have been telling you that this rendering method is very experimental. Oftentimes though the rendering hugely relies on color and material overlays.  I don’t expect you to follow religiously the steps I’m going to show (and you shouldn’t) because this rendering technique should let your creativity run wild – add whatever you feel like adding, no rules.

To show you the process, this pseudo-tutorial presents the progress of the rendering step by step. To make it easier to see and absorb, I turned the photos into some sort of slideshow at the end.

My rendered image from Kerkythea.I added an image from Google Earth for the background and erased the existing buildings that are covering my site and building. (Super plus that the Fort Bonifacio area is super detailed on Google Earth!)I included as overlay a night view of the site, still from Google Earth (you can easily adjust the time in there!).Then I experimented on some color overlays – blue at the upper left corner,purplish pink at the lower right corner,and yellow at the lower left corner. (Set the layer blending option to Color)I looked for an aerial view of a busy street at night on Google and added it to the photo. It instantly transformed the adjacent streets into lively, well-lighted streets.To enhance the color more, I added orange overlay on the whole photo.I tried lighting up the building by adding white brush strokes set to Soft Light,plus some streaks and beams of light (you can download brushes of these on the internet) set to Color Dodge.Of course, I had my material overlays. I made the glass more visible against the building cladding and added media walls – part of the concept of the building since it is partly commercial.I enhanced the contrast by doing the Alex Hogrefe style of adding a desaturated and gaussian blurred photo of the progress rendering as an overlay.I added more color dodges in different colors to add more vibrancy. Choose a color, set the brush tool and layer to Color Dodge and color away.I created some yellow and red lights on the street to represent cars in motion at night. I added more white light,and finally adjusted the levels and curves. Voila!

Music is from The SIMS soundtrack. It was one of my most favorite computer games as a kid (it partly inspired me to build houses!) so the sounds from the Build Mode of the game has to be used.

Tell me what you think! 🙂


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